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HTC-2 temperature humidity meter
temperature and humidity
Packaging Details
Conjoined Double plastic absorption
2019-08-26 15:19:27
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Product Specifications:
Temperature measurement range : -10 ºC ~ +50ºC (-14ºF ~ +122 ºF)
Temperature measurement accuracy : ±2 ºC (3.6ºF)
Temperature resolution : 0. 1 ºC (0.1ºF)
Humidity measuring range: 10%~99% RH
Humidity measuring accuracy: 10% RH
Humidity resolution : 1%
Battery: AAA 1.5V 1PCS
Basic functions:
Temperature / Humidity
ºC / ºF temperature switch display
The maximum / minimum temperature
and humidity memory function
12/24 hour clock
The whole point time keeping function
Daily alarm
Calendar display
Operation manual:
1. Push down battery cover “OPEN” on meter back side, and install battery.
2. Time setting: In the initial state, press [MODE] till there is a Di sound, and the
number of minute start flashing; press [ADJ] to adjust number, press [MODE] to set
minute number; then the number of hour start flashing. Repeat above steps to set
hour number, and enter hour system setting. Press [ADJ] to choose "12/24" hour
system, press [MODE] to set. Then it come to month (M) and day (D) setting, repeat
above steps to set date.
3. Alarm setting: In normal clock mode (the two points between hour and minute
flash), press [MODE] once, switch the display for alarm clock mode (clock and
minutes between two points in not flashing). Press [ADJ] to switch " " (alarm) /
"ALarm" (hourly alarm) function; press [MODE] till there is a Di sound, and the
number of minute start flashing, you can set the alarm time (same steps as time
setting), press [MODE] once to exit alarm time setting. When alarm, meter sounds for
one minute, or press any button to stop alarm; When hourly alarm, meter only sounds
4. Press [MEMORY] button to display the MAX/MIN/Current temperature/humidity.
5. Memory clear function: in MAX or MIN state, press [MEMORY] for long time till a
Di sound to clear MAX/MIN data.
Technology features


1indoor and out door Temperature and humidity display

2Temperature and humidity memory function

3Alarm function

4Integral point announce

512/24 hour system switching

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