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projection alarm clock EK8601
electronic clock and weather station
Packaging Details
Packing: color box
Packing quantity: 80PCS/CTN
Carton size: 53x43x42.5CM
G.W./N.W.: 20/19KG
2019-10-11 17:31:25
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4 bit LED display,
Time function: display hour, minute, switch 12 or 24 time mode
Date function: display day, month and year (from 2000 to 2099)
Alarm function: shift the switch to set daily alarm and snooze time
Temperature function: display and switch ℃/F display
Mode selection: press HOUR to switch tree modes dP  1 (Cycle display), dP 一 2 , dP 一 3
Power saving: press MIN to choose if turn on power saving function ( turn on displays onsd, turn off display oFsd
Low light: automatically display low light from 18:00- 7 : 00
Protection for external power cut : power supply DC5V ( built-in lithium battery 3.0V)
All keys have sound
Technology features
1. After connecting the external power first then the standby battery, LED full display and change from 0000 to 9999 quickly with making a sound BI then enter the normal time mode 12 hour system AM12:00
2. In the normal time mode, press MODE to enter the corresponding function model: time mode- date mode-alarm- temperature, In the normal time mode, dial the switch to the TIME SET to set time, press MIN HOUR to set hour and minute, long press to fast forward.
a. Set hour , the second wont change, set minute, the second will reset.
b. In the setting mode, the screen will flash without any key, dial the switch to the lock position to exit and keep the time, in the normal time mode ( no alarm and be in the power saving mode), after 30s to be power saving and maintain the normal time.
Setting the date:
1. Press MODE/YEAR to enter date mode, the date displays 1st, January, 2018.
a. Dial the switch to TIME SET, press MODE to set date, press DATE to set day and month to set month then press year to set year, press MIN to go up, press HOUR to go down, long press to fast forward/backward.
b. In the setting mode, the screen will flash without any key, dial the switch to the lock position to exit and keep the date then return to the normal time mode.
Setting the alarm:
1. In the normal time mode, press MODE/YEAR twice to enter the alarm mode, alarm time displays AM12:00
a. Dial the switch to AL. SET to set alarm, press HOUR/MIM to set hour/minute, long press to fast forward. 12 hour system has PM mark.
b. Dial the switch to choose turn on or turn off the alarm, when turn on the alarm, the mark alarm lights.
c. When the alarm rings, the mark alarm will flash, after 1 minute, it will stop without any key, or press any key to stop it.
d. Press MIN, HOUR or MODE to stop alarm, but it still displays the alarm mode, after 15s return to time mode.
e. Dial the switch to AL.OFF, the mark alarm will disappear and alarm will stop.
Setting the temperature:
a. After connecting the power, the clock automatically detect the temperature, in the temperature mode press both MIN and HOUR or MODE to switch C / F
b. Under the dp- l mode, press MODE, the clock will automatically switch and display temperature for 2 seconds, press MODE to switch and display temperature.
Low light:
a. When 18 :007 :00, the LED screen is in low light automatically, ( the brightness will change with your setting time.
Power-off protection:
a. The system will enable the built-in lithium battery to maintain the normal time if the clock suddenly loses power. When standby battery is activating, all the functions can not work.
LCD size: 182x72mm
Power supply: DC 5V  (built-in lithium battery 3.0V)
Product size: 187x45x98mm
Product weight: about 235g (without battery)
Standard Accessories: clock (with battery), manual, USB power line
Can be used as a mirror
Simple setting and anti-fall
Cycle display time, date, temperature
Digital display for easy reading
Two-stage brightness adjustment
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